19 November 2015 by Rene Erasmus

The Koppie Foam grasshopper has a solid body and can grow up to 64mm in size. The Koppie Foam is found in open areas, in rocky areas with low vegetation, and are frequently encountered on mountain tops. 
The grasshopper has a very interesting appearance, with his red and black body, is very toxic, and could be fatal to dogs if they are eaten. The Koppie Foam grasshopper is flightless, with short to very short reddish tegmina and no hind wings.

The grasshopper of the Koppie Foam sp. in the photo was seen in a garden in the Mooikloof area, Pretoria, South Africa.
Biology: Mainly feeds on milkweeds, therefore also known as the Milkweed locust. There are two species in this genus. Like many in the family, this grasshopper extracts and stores heart poisons from the milkweed from which it feeds and exudes these when molested. 
Reference:  Field guide to insects of South Africa.